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A Content Strategist/Writer who believe that the best stories create the best memories and I'm always aiming to write those stories through UX.

Working in the field of UX is like coming home. Coming into this field has not been a straight line for me in any way. I have a wealth of experience from the fields of film & television, administration, and digital marketing. But through this, I have gained a lot of empathy for the needs of everyone around me. I am able to look at this experience through an objective and customer-based eye.

I am an explorer who is excited to use my experiences to amplify the experience for others. Everything including every memory that stands out is based on experience. Whenever we are trying to convince someone to do something with us, we always start by sharing our experiences. I want the opportunity to give the best experience. I want to share my story and my narrative to pull them into the thing(s) that I love and want to share. I love the opportunity to influence stories.


Content Strategy, Content Writing, User Research, Competitive Analysis, Research Analysis 

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